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4 tracks, 2 bangers: D.K. starts a new season in the Antinote league with a 12” 100% dedicated to the dancefloor. There’s a perfume of jungle (not the genre, the one from Donkey Kong Country, in case someone has still not made the connection between Nintendo’s #1 gorilla and the French producer) emanating from the whole record. The Parisian producer has also been taking a peep on some early 1990’s rave records (but who isn’t at the moment?), as demonstrated by the two first songs, "Mystic Warrior" and perhaps even more flagrantly "Elements" – with its emotional pads and sad mock Jon Hassel-like trumpets.

"Worries In The Dance", and "Earth People" are more of a warm up business – so to speak, in the language of the club. D.K. takes a step back, BPM-wise, only to allow a deeper exploration of the surroundings – namely shamans with bamboo flutes circling around you, monks meditating under a cascade, others ringing a prayer bell – that have more to do with Age Of Empire or any 1990’s adventure game set in a fantasized Asia than anything that actually exists IRL (probably a distinctive signature of the French producer). Anyway, there’s a Bruce Lee sticker on the sleeve that says it all, in a much more concise way.


Patrick says: Parisian hero D.K. makes his first appearance of 2k19 with a DJ friendly 12" for the mighty Antinote. Inspired equally by shimmering 80s synthtones and '92 rave idents, "Mystic Warrior" and "Elements" are tie-dyed club killers feat major faux-pan pipe, while B-side offerings "Warriors In The Dance" and "Earth People" twist the same ingredients for the warm up. Highly recommended!


A1. Mystic Warrior
A2. Elements
B1. Warriors In The Dance
B2. Earth People

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