Space Farm

Egyptology 0.5

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Left Ear

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Australian reissue champs Left Ear hit us with a dope DJ 12" featuring previously unreleased full length versions of Space Farm’s mid 90’s Egyptian inspired tracks. Both, ‘The Dawn of Birds’ and ‘Camels in Desert Air’ were initially cut short to allow for additional remixes on the original release but for this 2019 issue, Left Ear have decided to focus on these dope downtempo originals, allowing the heavy percussion and synth workouts to shine through on a loud 45RPM press.
Dropping the needle into A-side offering "The Dawn Of Birds", I'm instantly hooked. Tribal percussion loops, digital bird calls and cosmic keytar? Totally having it. As for the ominous bass swells underneath, that's just a Brucey bonus as far as I'm concerned. Mythic club moves at around 105bpm - pure post apocalyptic Shaman shit folks. 
On the flip "Camels In Desert Air" wears the Egyptian influence even more openly, twisting those snaking Rai melodies through filter envelopes and dropping them over a laser-laced perc grid. Boasting more mad synthlines than a decade of AFX sketches, this is an interdimensional club cut for the DJs who have no fucks left to give. 


Patrick says: Man, Left Ear are on FIYAH! Last time out they rocked the system with a pair of Township groovers, this time it's a completely otherworldly dose of slow and low Egyptian inspired mid-90s house. Play it loud and get that portal glowing.


A1. The Dawn Of Birds
B1. Camels In Desert Air

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