Cory Kilduff

When It All Gets To Be Too Much

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Burning Witches

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Growing up in the 1980s Dallas suburbs, Cory Kilduff was all about pushing the boundaries. Specifically, the boundaries of which videos his parents would let him rent each weekend. Escaping into equal parts sci-fi (Tron, Alien), outcast teen classics (Gleaming the Cube, The Breakfast Club), and cult classics (Beat Street, Rad), his range was eclectic and loaded with soundtracks that transitioned him easily into an interest in music.

Now signed to Burning Witches Records, Cory has been creatively supported in composing and completing a new passion project paying homage to John Hughes’ flame-haired muse, Molly Ringwald. When It All Gets To Be Too Much is inspired by Ringwald’s roles in Hughes’ movies, specifically the moments when she can’t hold back the tears. With a few other references blended in for depth and breadth, the tears of Sam, Claire and Andie remain at the forefront for perfectly synthesized nostalgia, anchored in 1980s drama—think the train scene in Risky Business or the death in Less Than Zero—and tempered by the pure and true teen angst of Ringwald’s iconic characters. 


Barry says: Remember that time that I went insane because Burning Witches released D.A.L.I's 'When Haro Met Sally' and they basically designed the entire album around my exact tastes? Well, they've done it again. This really is absolutely stunning, saturated 80's synths, pulsing hazy atmospherics and flickering, siney arpeggios. profoundly brilliant and stupidly limited. Get on it.


1. Jericho's Opening
2. Not Like The Others
3. False Alarm
4. Vacancy
5. Chestnut Hills
6. Portacarrero
7. Higher Education
8. Hayden Sphere
9. 16 Seconds

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