A Place Of Solace

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Stroom's restless release schedule continues to excite and amaze, in terms of both quantity and quality. The labels 5th release of 2019 (that's so far, there are two more titles slated for March), is a heroic dose of head music from Bruges musician Aponogeton, who makes his vinyl debut after a 2016 cassette and digital EP in 2017. As befits an artist named after an aquatic plant, "A Place Of Solace" is a deep and immersive creature, composed during a period of inner and outer reflection. Moods range from the intense (eventually) propulsive "Prologue" to the celestial calm of "The Night Sky Is Falling", by way of the anxiety ridden "This Concerns You" and "Artemievs Dream", but the message remains the same - turn on, tune in and engage your brain.


A1. Prologue
A2. A Date With The Zone
A3. The Night Sky Is Falling (Sizth Seal)
A4. This Concerns You
B1. Hardness & Strength Are The Companions Of Death
B2. Artemievs Dream Or: The Metaphysical Horror Of An Unpredictable World
B3. A Quiet Place
B4. Consolation For Martiska

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