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Into The Light

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For the second installment of their international parallel series, Into The Light Records treat us with seven lush, rich and warm recordings by currently Warsaw-based producers Sasha Zakrevska (Poly Chain) and Bartosz Kruczynski.
Soon after releasing their debut albums - Baltic Beat’ and ‘Music For Candy Shops’ - and realizing similar interests and traits in their solo music, Zakrevska and Kruczynski sketched out a plan for an album and live performance. The record is to a large extent fashioned after the show, with most of the tracks performed live and edited down. ’Pulses’ is a result of hours spent in studio with a minimal set-up of Prophet ’08, Moog Sub 37 and Korg Minilogue, detailing their mutual attraction to minimal synth, repetitive arpeggios and drone music. A perfect blend of poly-rhythmic patterns, ambient textures and beat-less acid moments by one of the most fresh and unique collaborations!


Patrick says: Moving their attention away from Greece, Into The Light present the collaborative debut from Polish musicians Bartosz Kruczynski & Poly Chain, who lock us into Berlin school electronics, trance inducing sequences and atmospheric synthscapes. Ear candy for sofa surfers everywhere.


1. Jacana
2. Solacious
3. Quietism
4. Xenolalia
5. Fluxional
6. Velicious
7. Echolalia

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