The Chemical Brothers

Free Yourself / MAH

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Record Label
Virgin EMI

About this item

New single from our favourite block rockers, The Chemical Brothers. Arriving ahead of a much anticipated summer touring schedule alongside a brand new LP in April!

"Free Yourself" combines the playful, electro-house flurries that have characterized their more recent productions with a cheeky female vocal part. Rachet up a load of buzzing sawtooths, sine waves and harmonic distortion and you've got the kinda stadium-slaying electronic battle weapon that we know they are capable of!

"Mah" is equally punishing; rolling out more buzzing low end synthesis and glitchy rhythmic sequences as a slamming 4/4 marches forth. Blistering hats and a growling mid-range hook make this another electro-house barn-stomper for the peaktime! Tom and Ed ride again! 


Matt says: Brothers Chem return with a double A side of stadium splitting, electro-house bang n clatter.


Free Yourself
Mah (Electronic Battle Weapon Version)

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