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The Knekelhuis hot streak continues this week as the Dutch label provide an introduction to the richly rhythmic and deeply esoteric world of Zaliva-D. Based in the Chinese capital of Beijing, they’ve been circling the country’s borders for more than a decade due to the extreme difficulty of streaming music there. Zaliva-D consists of musician Li Chao and mixed media artist Aisin-Gioro Yuanjin, who takes care of their stunning live visuals.

Their fourth album (but first on vinyl), "Forsaken" transports us to an imaginary Eastern underworld of hackers, drug traffickers and gangsters, conjured out of a cyberpunk Hong Kong flick. Wrapped around a core of gut wrenchingly ferocious kicks and haunting vocals, these tracks possess a mantra-like quality and drown the listener into a world of Chinese and South East Asian textures. "Forsaken", mastered by Wouter Brandenburg, is their most well-written, organic and esoteric record to date, but still retains the steely core of their previous work. Dark machine voodoo, electronic witchcraft and evil rhythms for the witching hour.


Patrick says: A-grade weirdshit for the witching hour here as Knekelhuis give Chinese duo Zaliva D their first vinyl release. Slow and sinister techno-pagan crunchers for eyeball lickers and backwards dancers - file next to Tolouse Low Trax, Patricia Kokett and Tzusing.


A1. Cant Go Back
A2. Forsaken
A3. Faraway
B1. Wicked
B2. Gone With The Pest
B3. Human Addict
B4. Path

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