África Negra

Alia Cu Omali

Image of África Negra - Alia Cu Omali
Record Label
Mar & Sol Portugal

About this item

Mar & Sol presents the new album of the legendary band África Negra,"Alia cu Omali". New songs and some popular classics recorded between Lisbon and S.Tomé.
This album Its a reflection of the old rumba and soukous music that this epic band of São Tomé e Príncipe got us used to. They are an icon and one of the main bands of this island, representing in their music the authenticity and culture of the former Portuguese colony on the equatorial meridian.

It is our mission to expand this culture and here it is the testimony in our series of Luso Afro music which could best represent São Tomé.


1. Alia Cu Omali
2. Fala Da Cu Beto
3. Gueguinha
4. Kua Sa Mina Ngue
5. Lepende
6. Maia
7. Mutema
8. San Jolanda
9. Un Sa Cama Ca Sonha

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