Shanti Celeste & Hodge

Soba Dance

Image of Shanti Celeste & Hodge - Soba Dance
Record Label
Peach Discs

About this item

Oh yeah, papi, toma temazo! Hodge and Celeste team up to produce what I understand to be and unapologetic banger but let me be clear, fellow reader, it is a banger in my books! To be banger and in my books it has to be solidly off the beaten track and not able to please the masses - just the literati. Are you in? Surely you are. 'Soba' with its galloping rhythm and misty pads encompass my definition of... banger masher. So does the more trippy journey and slightly sombre corners displayed in 'Pips' and the irrevocably great 'Alula' - a true dancefloor destroyer. 
This is the record that finds Shanti and Hodge teasing new ideas together whilst retaining dancefloor magic and sensibilities. Did I say 'Oh yeah'? Well... oh yeah to myself then! 
If you are short of dough, make this the only 12" you get this week. No regrets. 


Sil says: Dancefloor realness that it has been much needed through all my prelistenings this week. Hence I get extremely excited and I even start to shake my aging hips. But who would not with this 3 scorchers that see Celeste and Hodge kill it with such elegance? Top draw wax.


1. Alula
2. Pips
3. Soba

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