Hive Mind Mentality

Image of Thinktank - Hive Mind Mentality
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Stepback Records

About this item

Thinktank return to Stepback Records with another colony of underground styles. Hive Mind Mentality further expands on the diverse, unique in your face club tracks that Thinktank have made a signature of their sound.

First up on the A side is Them. Budding entomologists Vinnie and The Leph aka Thinktank have unearthed what some might say as Sci-Fi Classic Techno of The Atomic Age. Underpinned by a Sheffield style Bass crawl coupled with Bleeps that will crush any dancefloor. This is the electronic sound of nature running amok.

Burrowing further on the B side STW serves you Techno in it’s most creative form – synth led with a sick groove and huge drum rhythms.

Last but not least – Waaaassps DG is a classic Thinktank track with a sting in it’s tail. Snapping, clapping, alive and kicking. You will be buzzing when the break-beat drops.


A. Them
B1. Subterranean Termite Workers
B2. Waaaassps DG

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