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Issue 421: March 2019

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"Stephen Malkmus: The one time Pavement mastermind talks to Raymond Cummings as his solo career takes a turn into the unknown with experimental electronic pop project Groove Denied. Meanwhile, inside the issue... José Maceda: Julian Cowley reflects on the life of the late Filipino composer, ethnomusicologist and musique concrète explorer, as his work is celebrated at the Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama. Fashion Records: Neil Kulkarni tells the story of the dancehall hit factory that originated the fast chat deejay style of the 80s via the work of Smiley Culture, Asher Senator and others. Donny McCaslin, Tim Lefebvre & Jason Lindner: The careers of David Bowie's Blackstar band have extended in multiple directions since his death to form a fresh new network of chameleonic jazz players. Phil Freeman reports. Invisible Jukebox: Annea Lockwood, Epiphanies: Graham Jeffries on The Velvet Underground."

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