Alan Dixon

Rise & Shine

About this item

This could be the anthem you are looking for. Here is the official Alan Dixon remix of Frank Bookers gospel-house anthem "Rise and Shine" that will tie any room together like Lebowskis carpet. The flip side has Alan Dixon s house stomper "What Cha Gonna Do" feat Meleke and a remix by Chief Lumberjack Marcel Vogel. Arriving jussst in time for festival season (thankyou pressing plants!) this is a cert for open-air decadence and revelry... ahh I can picture the features, glitter and facepaint now! All getting sweaty, sticky and sexy under this heliacal banger! Don't miss out gerrit bagged quick!


Side 1
1. Rise & Shine" (feat Frank Hooker)

Side 2
1. Whatcha Gonna Do (feat Maleke O'Ney)
2. Whatcha Gonna Do (Marcel Vogel Remix)

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