Ba Ba Go Go

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Best Italy

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Finally, after all these years we get an official remastered reissue of one of the rarest and most highly sought after Italo-disco jams from early 80's. At a slow and sleazy tempo, the hardest hitting electronic percussion you've ever heard punches its way out of the groove, propelling the duet of prickly / popcorn sequences into the peak time. A demented male vocal, hoarsly croacking "Ba Ba Go Go, I Love You" (a sentiment we can all get behind) gives us something to chant along to, while the wild guitar solos and soaring synth elements made this a must have for Baldelli, Loda and even the great Ron Hardy. Now it can be yours to have, hold and play at high volumes.


Patrick says: Essential reissue on a cosmic / Italo tip here from Best, as Topo's madcapped electronic oddity "Ba Ba Go Go" gets its first official reissue. Bleeping sequences, tough drum machine work and a croaking vocal do the trick while searing guitar licks and a late key change make this a total classic.


A1. Ba Ba Go Go
B1. Ba Ba Go Go (instrumental)

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