Exquisite Corpse

Between Rhythms II

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Platform 23

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Platform 23 presents the 2nd (of 4) EPs of music from Exquisite Corpse. On "Between Rhythms II", Robbert Heijnen further cements his brand of deep, jagged, electronic tribalism.

Part of the Tillburg post punk / alternative scene of the mid-80s, Robbert's industrial and EBM credentials were forged through Dutch group Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia. The move from the metallic sounds of its early incarnation, to later embracing the sounds emanating from late 80s Chicago and Detroit saw the band develop from their early cassette "1989" to the fully formed and now revered 1992 debut album, "Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves (A Document Ov New Edge Folk Classics)".

The release starts with "Shadow Play" from his second album, 1993's "Inner Light". Darkness descends to echo'd drums as the vestiges of developing European techno worlds can be heard in the distance. "What A Life", from the "Reassembling Reality" EP, brings things down with an ambient beginning moving to Reich loops and sequencing that create shifting melodic horizons. A personal favourite of the artist, the EP saw the realization of the collaborations with Debbie Jones in design and life.

With the consistent presence of 'third member' - in mixing, engineering and support - from Tim Freeman, the songs in the series have a unique, but familiar and inclusive nature. This can again be heard in "Sacrifice" from the highly sought after "Dream Night Dance Music" album. The interplay of drums, claps and swing are enough alone to warrant acceptance. To close, "Tepu" returns to the "Inner Light" album. 


Side 1
1. Shadow Play
2. What A Life

Side 2
1. Sacrifice
2. Tepu

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