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Bad Vibes Forever/EMPIRE

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Unless you have been living under a rock, XXXTentacion is a name that needs no introduction. A true artist who was tragically slain in 2018 – XXXTentacion left an indelible mark on culture and music in his all too brief 20 years on this planet. His catalog will go on to live forever, and he left one final piece of music for the world with "Skins". The album comes in at a short, but sweet 10 tracks with songs that delve into Xxxtentacion's deep and complex mind, and soul. In the weeks following his murder, he won Best New Artist at the BET Awards, scored a Billboard number 1 with "Bad!" and won best album for "17" at the AMAs. Boasting a more lyrical flow than most of his new school contemporaries, but the post-genre, lo-fi aesthetic the Soundcloud era is known for, XXXTentacion looked set to dominate the scene for years. While the world may have been robbed of his talent all too soon, this LP is a worthy goodbye from the young artist. 


1. Introduction
2. Guardian Angel
3. Train Food
4. Whoa (Mind In Awe)
5. Bad!
6. Staring At The Sky
7. One Minute
8. Difference
9. I Don't Let Go
10. What Are You So Afraid Of

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