Karima F

Karima F

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Schloss Records

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It’s tempting to think that the opening of SCHLOSS02, which features the sound of track racing behind a cavernous broken kick, has some connection with the fact that DJ/producer Karima F runs Schloss out of a disused Porsche repair shop with contemporary artist Ida Ekblad. But then you might start to wonder about other details, like whether her production is influenced by a teenage effort to fit in with the cool kids by playing the violin (it isn’t). The three songs on the debut 12" of Oslo mainstay Karima F take off in their own direction, tripping through bleeps and metallic riffs on the way to something more ethereal. 


A1. Random Loop From Doepfer Site
B1. Ossa
B2. Two Eggs In A Hammock

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