Counterpoint RMX EP.3

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ENE Records

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Another from the delectable Ene Record this week who seem to be intent as present on shining a spotlight on the best of the Eastern and South Asian underground music scenes. We're definitely not complaining her as both this, and the Komodo 12" released this week scream of evocative, transportative and dramatic sonic landscapes that are a million miles from the grey and mundane.

"Shadow Dance" is taken from a 2017 album by J.A.K.A.M. called "Counterpooint". Here we get the original plus two fiery remixes from Chida. The original verion, recorded with various musicians from Morocco, Kurdistan, South America & Africa, is a rich electro-folk flavoured epic; led by an evocative violin part and carried on galloping timpani. Add some eastern flute, rattling sitars and a desert-rooted psychology and you've got a mystic brew of dance music shamanism.

On side A Chida compliments the hypnotic percussive groove with electronic flourishes, instantly taking the track to the proggy, all nite Goan raves of the mid 90s minus the dread, patchouli oil and bad acid. On side B we get an even more stripped down dub version, not as flamboyant or grandiose but certain to suck you into its ancient grooves.

Majestic stuff from this label which seems destined to keep catching our ear here at Picc HQ.... 


Matt says: Proggy, ethno-rave music here for the LSD / freeparty set. Mystic melodies, percussive rhythms and psychedelic spirit roam free on this shamanic opus.


A1. Shadow Dance (Chida Extended Remix)
B1. Shadow Dance
B2. Shadow Dance (Chida Rainforest Dub)

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