Make It Scream / Night Time

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ENE Records

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Jakarta, Indonesia based DJ & producer Gerhan Ferdinal brings the flavour of the early nineties Goa scene on this new double A-side for Ene Records. The Akamady Records boss keeps things crucial be re-injecting life into this whole musical lifeform that's primed and set to have the lid popped off it this year.

Darker and more primal than its Balearic cousin, whilst half of Europe soaked in the sounds of the White Isles, the other half of the dance music global village were out dancing under full moons around the beaches of Indonesia, Thailand and India, enjoying their own brand of holiday-based decadence that would eventually morph into the various mutations of Goa Trance. Before the ampetamine-driven tempos and psychedelic excesses came in however, namely between '88-'92, the scene enjoyed a creative spell to rival Italy, Spain or indeed our own dance music epoch that has recently become subject to investigation due to our modern facination with all things EBM.

"Make It Scream" and "Night Time" take you right backt those exotic, full Moon-lit parties that you always read about; with unusual smells in the air, and dashes of colour breaking through the darkness. It's fiery, tense, but sexy and dramatic.

The underground party scene in East South Asia continues to develop and there are still many great artists unknown to us over here. Lucky for us Ene seem to be on hand to shine a spotlight on these crucial dancefloor tracks. Recommended. 


Matt says: At once tribal, psychedelic, proggy and hedonistic; it's like the best parts of the Goa / EBM, acid house, prog and cosmic scenes all thrown into one record.


A. Make It Scream
B. Night Time

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