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Play With Deaf Cats - Inc. Marcel Dettmann Edit

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Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin

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Seilscheibenpfeiler starts the new year with a bang, keeping the energy and intensity high after Fjaak's pumped "Drugs" EP. Legendary Italian producer Lory D, the man who revived the label after 24 years with his killer 4-track-set on SSPB001, once again steps up with his signature blend of techno, acid and electro. This latest release, "Play With Deaf Cats" comes with three original tracks and an edit by Marcel Dettmann, who has the ability to tune down Lory's productions and enhance their hypnotic quality while maintaining their powerful substance. First track 'Mantrosax 2' is a heavy stomper led by a warped and overdriven acid bassline. 'Bass And The City' dives deeper into low frequency darkness, with less tempo but no less intensinty. 'Mazesku' changes aesthetics, sounding airy and clear with its playful synth melodies. 
Lory D is a producer that defies categorisation, always being able to combine classic feel and future shock within the same track. Marcel Dettmann closes out the record with his atmospheric and suspenseful edit of 'Globe' - hard boiled techno gracefully executed.


A1. Mantrosax 2
A2. Bass And The City
B1. Mazesku
B2. Globe (Marcel Dettmann Edit)

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