Lost Epcot

Aslant Sand EP

Image of Lost Epcot - Aslant Sand EP
Record Label
Appian Sounds

About this item

Textured and evocative soundscapes here on Appian Sounds. Lost Epcot contributing brilliantly realized album of vintage dancefloor moments contrasted with lush, dream atmospheres and a detailed digital canvass. Moving through Autechre-like glitch, A.I-influenced, augmented reality and a rich, flowing dynamic, crystalline in nature but also quite fluid and transitional in parts. In short, al electronic music masterpiece perfectly primed for your listening enjoyment - whether that's at home, on the move, or on the dancefloor.

Artwork By Philip Mitton.


1. Relief
2. World Vision
3. The Toggenburger
4. N-3b
5. Brugg
6. Aslant Sand
7. Comomly Friendnemies
8. Effingen
9. At The Sea
10. Frick
11. Kabelwerks' Falls
12. Velostation Cargo

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