Münchner Studioorchester

Twilights Of Bali

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Record Label
Free Soul

About this item

The holy grail of Kraut Exotica, recorded in 1978 for the tiny german label Sound Starton. Only 200 LPs were ever pressed. Library albums flooded the market back then and this world jazz gem simply got forgotten in the warehouse. A true one of a kind recording: traditional Indonesian folk songs reinterpretated by some of the best European jazz fusion players incl. Milan Pilar (Catch Up, Niagara) and conducted by the Jewish German drummer legend Freddie Brocksieper.


Side 1
1. "Kumbali"
2. "Bedaja"
3. "Mari Bersampan"
4. "Twilight In Besaici"
5. "Ajam Sabungan"
6. "Geng Gong"
7. "Salamat Malan"
8. "Salut To Bali"

Side 2
1. "Gunung Batu"
2. "Swinging Bali"
3. "Berbahas Bahas"
4. "Legong"
5. "Bagsawan"
6. "Suling"
7. "Hatikuben Rindu"

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