Tompkins Square Park - Inc. NY*AK Remix

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Omena label boss Tooli delivers three tracks all inspired and dedicated to Tompkins Square Park. Now, I've not personally been there, but judging by the mellow; languid jazz of said title track; I picture bell bottom pants, flowered shirts and live musicians a plenty. Moving thru "It's A Riot" I picture live percussion ensembles breaking through the foliage before a huge double bass player emerges on the scene to blast bass notes through the park on a clear summer's day while a boater-clad flautist appears all paisley-shirted ready to dance around the track with his instrument.

Two of the UK's unsung heroes NY*AK and Mark Hand transform the title track into a Theo Parrish-indebted, 15 minute journey with plenty twists and turns that deserves a place on Sound Signature if you ask me!


Matt says: A very musical selection taking in lush instrumentation and dreamy focus; it's the perfect balance of emotion, with just enough urgency to groove.


1. Tompkins Square Park
2. It's A Riot
3. Under The Sycamore
4. Tompkins Square Park (feat Mark Hand - NYAK Remix)

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