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A.I.E - Larry Levan Remixes

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Another week, another Parisian party crew making the jump from DJ to label, bringing the sophistication and Gallic flair of their hometown to decks all over the globe. This week, it's the turn of Pardonnez-Nous, who open their account in reissue mode, unearthing a hidden track by one of the most famous band from the French Islands. La Compagnie Créole. Born in 1975, this mythical band have spread their message from the Antilles throughout the entire Francophone world with over twenty albums to their name. Tucked away amongst all those classics is a cover of Afro-disco smasher "A.I.E (Mwana)" by Black Blood, in its original form an emotive dancefloor groove much loved by the Balearic deejays, disco heads and the digging scene. This cover retained the energy and emotion of the original, but injected its own Creole flavour to send the dancefloor in a different direction. Fast forward a couple of years and in 1988, a NY DJ, known by the name of Larry Levan, produced a remix of this track for the soundtrack of the film Sweet Lies. Driven by pinging proto house seqeuncers and snapping drum machines, the coastal guitar licks, heartfelt synth riffs and descending chord progression take on even more Balearic appeal in the hands of the great Larry Levan, blowing all the other versions out the water. Unstoppable Balearic dancer folks!


Patrick says: This is the tits! I'll admit that I'd overlooked La Compagnie Creole's version of this track for years (I'm all about Black Blood's original), but this Larry Levan remix is FIRE! Powerhouse sequencers, Spanish guitar, bittersweet chords and big vocals - what else could you ask for in a Balearic dancer?


A. A.I.É (The L.L. Club Mix)
B. A.I.É (The L.L. Dub)

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