Nature Boy

Unreleased Ruffness 1993-1994

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Nature Boy

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Last in the Nature Boy series that offers you another 6 previously unreleased pumping house trax produced by Milo Johnson in the early 90's. Yes the ruff disco years! Found on dusty DAT tapes, now carefully mastered and cut on wax for your listening pleasure.
This is the sound many try to imitate today and sadly fails at. When we heard this recently we knew we were in for a good thing (needless to say we are devoted DJ Nature fans at Picc Towers). Lots of clever sampling, rough beats and heavy basslines that sounds just as fresh as when it was made more than two decades ago. A journey down memory lane for all of you that were there and those who were not. Timeless in sound, oozing originality and a piece of history for real.


Matt says: A lost DJ Nature classic gets given the reissue treatment. Jam packed with six bass buggin' house tracks done in the producer's inimitable style.


A1. Hot (demo Mix)
A2. I'm Searching
A3. J-Edit
B1. On Fire (Piano Version)
B2. Do The Freak
B3. Round Round

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