Mogwaa Ft. Andrew Gibson

I'm Just Sayin / Angelica

Image of Mogwaa Ft. Andrew Gibson - I'm Just Sayin / Angelica
Record Label
Star Creature

About this item

Mogwaa is a musician from Seoul, South Korea. His second release for Star Creature, "I'm Sure Sayin" perfectly hits that late night smooth soul slot; decorating beautifully with gilded keys and bright, burning synth lines. Mogwaa's vocal delivery is assured; both sultry and masculine at the same time - the very epitome of boogie. "Angelica" is a pure lovers, bedroom romp. Much slower than its predecessor, it utilizes big gated synth bass, picked guitar lines and a sludgy, sub-110BPM beat. As usual, limited copies, move quick!


Matt says: Always landing in pairs, triplets or quadruplets, one of three tasty Star Creature releases to kick start your February dance movements.


A I'm Just Sayin
B Angelica

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