DJ Duke Pres. Inner Soul Feat. E. Scot

I'm In Need 4 U

About this item

In 1992 DJ Duke came up with a deep vocal house burner sung by vocalist E. Scot. It has since became a bit of a rare gem on the club circuit, it's natural piano line, bubbly bass and soulful vox hitting that sweet spot between emotion and energy that really works on the dancefloor. Remastered by deep house connoisseur Herb LF and carefully cut by Schnittstelle in Berlin, it's about time this lesser-heard anthem received a wider audience.

Coming in four fragrant flavours, each DJ and dancer will have their own favourite; and it's the kinda track that'd easily garner multiple spins across one heady evening, with perhaps the 'vocal house mix' destined for end-of-night revelry. 


A1. I'm In Need 4 U (Deep Vocal - Remastered)
A2. I'm In Need 4 U (Acapella & Deep Instrumental – Remastered)
B1. I'm In Need 4 U (Vocal House Mix – Remastered)
B2. I'm In Need 4 U (Power Music Dub - Remastered)

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