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Yancey Boys Instrumentals

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Delicious Vinyl

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Repressed for the first time in years. Produced By J Dilla - When John 'Illa J' Yancey, younger brother of late, great genius producer James Yancey (aka Jay Dee, J Dilla), released his debut album fans discovered the younger of the Yancey Boys to be a unique talent in his own right. Rhyming and singing over a treasure trove of previously untouched Jay Dee gems, the project was a full-circle collaboration and a whole new beginning in the story of the musically exceptional Yancey brothers. But the fans asked for the Jay Dee instrumentals and Illa J and Delicious Vinyl were happy to answer with the release of “Yancey Boys Instrumentals.”

Out of print on LP for years, this piece of Dilla history is once again available in a fresh double vinyl pressing. Michael Ross says, '...For over a decade these beats were waiting in the vault for the right moment. It’s like Jay Dee made these tracks with an extra-sensory purpose, so that Illa J could make his album. There is no question that this is exactly what they were meant for. These beats belong to Illa J, they’re his birthright, and I really believe Jay Dee would be proud of what his brother is doing.” 


1. Timeless
2. We Here, R U Listenin’?
3. Alien Family
4. Strugglin 
5. Showtime
6. Swagger
7. Mr. Shakes
9. All Good
10. Sounds Like Love
11. Everytime, Illasoul
12. Airsigns

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