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Marching Orders

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Is it me or am I hearing echoes of maestro Arthur Russell all over the place? And those cowbells...mmm I love cowbells and Russell used them very often. This is definetely no Arthur, but his spirit is well alive and kicking all over the Marching Orders.
The vocals ondulate smoothly between ghostly and falsetto, while McNany’s arrangements and instrumentation bump, click, and whirr like a lovingly tuned Rube Goldberg jukebox. Not too surprising, perhaps, considering they named the band after a song by schizophrenic outsider favorite Daniel Johnston, and they cite Harry Nilsson and Roxy Music as influences - perhaps they forgot Russell and his disco not disco sensitivities; perhaps not. 

You get 'Marching Orders' in four different flavours: the original, the instrumental, the acapella and... the drumapella!  What a package!


Sil says: As said above, it has an 80s diy Arthur Russell feel to that it is difficult to shake off. This is not a semi-covert way to say this is rubbish. It is not. It is a decent track and you definitely got to listen to it. We like it here at the towers. If you do not dig the vocals, go straight for the instrumental!


A1. Marching Orders
A2. March Orders Drumapella
B1. Marching Orders Instrumental
B2. Marching Orders Acapella

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