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Hot on the heels of 2018’s successful reunion with garage-psych testifiers Thee Hypnotics, singer/guitarist Jim Jones returns to give 2019 the kick-start that it so urgently needs with his current band, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, and the release of their incendiary second album, CollectiV. Rising from the ashes of The Jim Jones Revue, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind paint from a broader sonic palette. Incorporating elements of chain gang chants, mutant soul and gospel, and psychedelia, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind are fervent torchbearers for rock’n’roll at its most primal, feral and elemental. Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind’s debut album, Super Natural, was rightly showered by the kind of hosannas most bands merely dare dream of, while their legendarily highly-charged live shows have left audiences breathless across the UK and Europe.

Often found in the thick of the action, Jim Jones has worked his mojo through memorable performances on Later with Jools Holland and Late Night with David Letterman, as well recording radio sessions for the likes of the BBC’s late, great John Peel, and Marc Riley. A seasoned veteran of the road, he’s shared bills with The Stooges, Jack White, The Cult, The Cramps and Grinderman and many more. And he’s also spread the gospel of rock’n’roll with his own shows on 6 Music and Boogaloo Radio. A rock’n’roll singer and guitarist of rare distinction, Jim Jones is a raconteur with one hell of a story to tell. You should hear it. 


Barry says: Jim Jones (not that one) has always been one for the heavier more chaotic end of the rock music spectrum, and 'CollectiV' doesn't change that trend at all, featuring frenetic piano and cavernous reverb, soaring choruses and all-out instrumental mayhem in equal measure, this is a chaotic and thoroughly exciting adventure.


1 Sex Robot
2 Satan's Got His Heart Set On You
3 O Genie
4 Attack Of The Killer Brainz
5 Meth Church
6 Dark Secrets
7 I Found A Love
8 Out Align
9 Going There Anyway
10 Shazam

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