Ordering Instructions

The Weird Dinner Request

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Be ready to take off to another planet with accompanied by the soundtrack provided by Ordering Instructions. What is in i?

'Dish 1' on the A side is a savagely raw hardcore techno track - if you would speed this one up a little bit you would be listening to what is known as the sound of Valencia... 'Makina' or 'Bakalao' in the early 1990s. Brutalism in sound. 
Followed closely by 'Dish 2' - a slightly less raw approach and with an almost trance-like climax. 

The other trackson the flip range from experimental techno in 'Ordering Instructions remix 1' to a broken techno beats number on 'Ordering Instructions remix 2'.

This is not for the faint hearted, but very appropriate for techno heads anxiously looking for rave material. 



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