Skorphut EP

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Lemonade Belgium

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Lemonade's 3rd release with Trioritat - three guys with a penchant for the improv and the live jam. Hailing from Darmstadt in Germany, literally translated from Belgian-Flemish slang to English as 'Drunk city'. According to Mr. Lemons, it would've been impossible to not have great stories made there.

After the jazz storm hit Los Angeles, USA, and bursted into (South) London, UK, it has now struck Germany, right in this little, mysteriously interesting city, in the southern part of the Rhine-Main area.

With Gerrit Ebeling on keys and synths, Gregoire Pignede on bass and Alexander Hoffmann on drums, you have no idea where you'll end up when these three musicians pick up their instruments. With amazing self-composed, long duration tracks full of mood swings and catchy riffage, it knows how to surprise and catch you with its uplifting drums, dancing tones and dreamy melodies.

With deep influences from the 70's fusion and disco, as well as modern electronic genres like hip-hop and house, Trioritat pursues to push a fresh and new sound which will represent the German city in the upcoming history of jazz, thus enriching the global jazz scene and expand its different varieties of styles within the genre.


Josef Der Kamel
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