La Mano

Tana Del Lupo EP - Inc. Man Power Remix

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Through Gods Own Eyes

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Conceived in Bali as a club event to allow Phil Cooper and Indonesian DJ, Dea Barandana a chance to flex their rave potential and dig out those obscure, heavy dance floor cuts, Through Gods Own Eyes has been hosting sporadic parties for the last 3 years, with no specific musical boundaries - it is about the late night, early morning dance floor experiences, heads down and lost in music!
A label was also planned, but when that would happen was always unclear, however a chance meeting in Croatia at Love International Festival 2018 between Phil and Carlo Bragagnini AKA La Mano has led to the inaugural release, TGOE001 La Mano 'Tana del Lupo' EP.
The A-side brings us "Sirena", inspired by the classic Italo stable, a deep and driving intro that builds with a rolling, solid bass line, shimmering effects, gun fire handclaps and siren sounds before the piano line eases in to take it to a euphoric crescendo of soaring synths for maximum hands in the air vibes...
To add weight to the release, remixer options were discussed and both agreed on Man Power, whose rework takes the track to a very different place, adding a solid breakbeat to it, dirtying up the piano and extending the mix to 9+ minutes, this is HEAVY for the floor...
On the B-side "La Mano" is the ying to the yang of "Sirena", a much more progressive track, subtle in the arpeggio build up and layered to create a big sound culminating in a swirling series of dreamy chords and synth lines.
The "Ambiente" mix takes away the kick and percussion to allow the full dream like state to take effect, one for sunrises and sunsets across the globe...


A1. Sirena (Man Power Remix)
A2. Sirena
B1. La Mano
B2. La Mano (Ambiente)

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