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Day Trip To Narnia

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“Cats in Space, with their love of the 70s and their superb hummable choruses are here to remind us of better, more innocent times...” Classic Rock magazine - CATS in SPACE have caused quite a stir since landing in 2015. With their unique sounds they will transport you back to the days of 70s Classic Rock. Think loud guitars, walls of soaring multi tracked vocal harmonies, grandiose pianos, and huge sing able choruses. It’s purr-fect! Touring with legendary rock giants Deep Purple, Status Quo & Thunder playing UK arenas, plus Hyde Park with Phil Collins and Blondie the Cats have gained an ever-growing army of faithful fans, gaining incredible live reviews along the way.

From humble beginnings to Hammersmith Odeon, Hyde Park and the London 02 Arena is just part of the incredible journey for these Cats so far...They have released two critically acclaimed albums in ‘Too Many Gods’ (2015) and ‘Scarecrow’ (2017) which made the UK national top 30 chart, and was voted top 10 in the ‘Planet Rock album review’ of 2017. Reviews worldwide were nothing short of incredible, “Breath taking” as one reviewer put it! A storming live album, ‘Cats Alive!’ (2018) was released to document the incredible live performance the band put on and cementing the band as front runners in the UK rock scene.

Now it is time for them to unleash the brand-new album in 2019, with more live shows planned for their next phase of world domination. So, may we invite you to join us on a ‘DAYTRIP TO NARNIA’. An album crammed with even more outrageousness than all their predecessors combined. Jam packed with incredible artwork and extras it is special. Very. A huge ‘Epic Long Player’ featuring on one side, soon to be Power pop classics like the single ‘Hologram Man’ & ‘Silver & Gold’ through to the acoustic power ballad ‘Chasing Diamonds’ with vocals reaching out to the stars. Flip it over and you see the conceptual 27-minute masterpiece that is ‘The story of Johnny Rocket’. Six songs making up a ‘Space travelling masterpiece’ turning from rock to disco to heart wrenching balladry in one flight...A bold huge musical move that only these Cats can pull off in this day and age of musical blandness. 


1. Narnia 
2. She Talks Too Much
3. Hologram Man
4. Tragic Alter Ego 
5. Silver & Gold
6. Chasing Diamonds
7. Unicorn - ‘The Story Of Johnny Rocket’ 
8. Space Overture
9. Johnny Rocket
10. Thunder In The Night
11. One Small Step
12. Twilight
13. Yesterday’s News 
14. Destination Unknown 

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