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Astral Changes

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With the theme of 'Quality house Music Never Betray', Eureka! strives to provide the supreme taste in House music.

Our 4th release is by Milan-based trio Jaxx Madicine, made up of artists Turbojazz, Parker Madicine and the talented and mysterious young jazz keyboardist 'Veez_0' who have released their full album 'Distant Classic' from Local Talk in 2017.

The lead track of this three-track EP, 'Astral Changes' is starting with spicy intro then swoop down into breakdown to unfold the powerful rich melodic sound, alongside 'Ten Thousand Fingers' that collaborates Veez_o's characteristic synthesizer melody with punchy kick drum sound, and 'God of Water' that brings you to the outer space with beautiful sequenced piano sound.
The perfect blend of the three individual artists plays a spacey and futuristic sounds centres around jazzy beats and melodic urban synthesizer that will probably remind you of ‘Galaxy 2 Galaxy’ today.


A1. Astral Changess
B1. Ten Thousand Fingers
B2. God Of Water

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