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Astral Changes

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Jaxx Medicine come back with yet another great 12". Serious house beats for you dancefloor mercenaries. All sprinkled with touches of jazzy synth flares - justifying the 'Jaxx'' bit on the artist name. 
'Astral Changes' is the standout tune here with a great break and a powerful rich melody. It is a synth party and a well crafted beat party. You need to play this to your punters. They will appreciate it. 
'Ten Thousand Fingers' chills the vibes a bit and takes us to more jazzy lands. Cosmic synths and bad boy bass underpin this beauty. 
On B2, you are lifted once again with 'God of Water' a true electronic funky that in my books is like a chilled take on a Galaxy to Galaxy track. Very decent and worth your while. 
Let Jaxx Medicine gives you the oomph you need to go to extra-terrestrial lands filled with funky and jazzy melodies. Earth is packed with dross at the moment. In other words, you need this. 


Sil says: Electronic cosmic trips that work wonders in the club and at home. At times, Underground Resistance sprang to mind. I know you are curious now, come on, give it a listen!


A1. Astral Changess
B1. Ten Thousand Fingers
B2. God Of Water

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