International Disco Mafia


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Regular customers will recognize Dublin label Fatty Fatty Phonographics who've dropped some ace disco and soul edits over the course of the last eight years, going onto to receive plays and props from all the players on the scene - Moodymann, Trus'me, Ruf Dug and Theo all hammering their party friendly 12"s out in the field. Now the crew are back with the 2nd installment of their "International Disco Mafia" series.

Extending its reach around Ireland and then again over the sea to Italy, it begins with a 13 minute disco trip by a young man called The Crown Prince of Waterford, with the wirey Catholic white boy spirit of Walter Gibbons in his veins.
The immortally titled "Getting Fingered On The Waltzers" is overloaded with fizzing disco-rock dynamics, crazy organs and driving endless drum breaks that keep on pushing you all the way to an inevitable, gushing disco climax. Phew!

On the flip we have another Irish up and comer, Island Times, and his chunky disco driver "Together". Just like his debut on the first volume, this one comes up trumps with a big, drum driven sound and a loose, live feel.

Last but not least, we're travelling up along the Adriatic from Trieste with Umberto Lumber, who takes a classic slow jam and pitches it down Baldelli style to a sweet cosmic sludge. 


A1. Crown Prince Of Waterford - Getting Fingered On The Waltzers
B1. Island Times - Together
B2. Umberto Lumber - Between Those Sheets

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