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Mortadella Vol.2

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Max Graef & Glenn Astro's Money $ex record bid us all a fond farewell after nearly four years of musical pleasure. Don't worry, there's plenty more stuff in the locker from these too (check the Termina record if you can't wait - ed) but before they put the label to bed there's just time to get your ears around "Mortadella Vol. 2" from Brothermartino & Ivory Boy.

Perhaps hinting at the more esoteric and shamanic paths the label founders are heading down, "O Arquiteto Paisagista" opens under a canopy of spellbound static and otherworldly energy bursts, as if Brothermartino & Ivory Boy are channeling an ancient battle of spells - light, dark, staffs and cauldrons all sparking and flaring as the cosmic energies converge. "Untitled" bounce is a little more straight up - a dark and moody, shadow-dwelling deep house track which brightens up with optimistic leads as the track progresses. After a mellifulous interlude, "Braziliana Pt 2" concludes with a wavy house glider that plumes and undulates with exuberated breath. A perfect moment of post-peak bliss that should unite the floor. What an outing for Money $ex - we look forward to hearing what's next on the lads' itinerary.


A1. O Arquiteto Paisagista
A2. Untitled Bounce
B1. Interludio Tres
B2. Braziliana Pt 2

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