Red Astaire

Follow Me / The Wildstyle

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A beast of a track here that was pretty ubiquitious around 2003. Main elements are a catchy xylophone melody and a D'Angelo / Method Man sample lifted from 'Left & Right' - It pleased many punters with its perfect blend of bossanova and suave soul beats. This was on constant rotation back then and many will be very happy to see it officially reissued, rediscovered and hopefully on some instances, discovered by new audiences. 
B Side has to be a James Brown sample - that shout says it all. Proper breakbeat / funk affair on this one. The piano loop is a monster on itself and the vinyl floritudes give it a raw feel that few edits achieve. Total classic. 
Both sides are gold. No need to listen to this one. Just buy it, you will not regret it. Limited quantities! 


Sil says: Few edits reach the category of classics. Here you have two on one single 7 incher. Official reissue oozing warmth and energy left and right!


A. Follow Me
B. The Wildstyle

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