Food For Cats Vol. 3

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G.A.M.M heavyweight Turbojazz returns with two classic Afro-funk reworks...

Afro titans Manu Dibango and Fela are respectfully amped up for peak-time power as Turbojazz shifts the focus onto the unrelenting perc rhythms and heavy, bass-driven groove on "The New Bell". While "Fight To Finish" shines a light on a lesser played Kuti numbers that's resplendent with fiery aggression and hyped-up brass playing. 


Millie says: Upbeat and lively as a cat would be if it just got it's food early, Turbojazz have remodeled a track each from Manu Dibango and Fela Kuti which can brighten up any day with the fast tempo and brass rhythms. Food For Cats Vol. 3 is a must have.


A. The New Bell
B. Fight To Finish

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