Elegant Borzoi


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Riding a slipstream from the other side of the globe, the musical progeny of Elegant Borzoi lands on the fair shores of Piccadilly. Within this wax lies the dangerous debut of this mysterious man who fuses disco, funk, AOR guitars and sumptuous synthesis into something brand new and pretty damn Balearic. Opener "Mystique" floats along on a slow disco groove, takes in a little nuanced perucssion then soars starwards with swelling synth lines, slick bass and killer melodies. On the B1, "Lawnmower Woman" employs sunny chords, spacey pads and a big electronic bassline to arrive at a Balearic boogie sound big enough to soundtrack any sunset. In addition to this one-two combo of Balearic heat, we get a pair of remixes from Woolfy vs Projections and Project Sandro, each staying close to the original but giving it a gentle nudge towards the grown up dance floor.


Sil says: Cosmic tingles coupled with some serious boogie moves? Just what the doctor ordered. Here you have it, sir. A classic in disguise? You be the judge!


A1. Mystique
A2. Mystique (Woolfy Vs Projections HH Remix)
B1. Lawnmower Woman
B2. Lawnmower Woman (Project Sandro Platanos Remix)

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