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Plastic Front / Get Down

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Spearheading the burgeoning DIY Leeds scene, ‘Plastic Front’ sees Treeboy & Arc release their first single of 2019, adding to the ever-growing stream of exciting singles they’ve released so far in their short time as a band. Opening with a jangling guitar riff, the track soon bursts into life as it crashes into a darker, more sinister tone.

Treeboy & Arc’s ‘Plastic Front’ 7” single is backed on the other side by Jebiotto’s ‘Get Down’ which is released through Call + Response. Jebiotto are a 3-piece synth punk band from Tokyo, Japan featuring Madca on synth and vocals, Moririn on drums and electro-pads and Tutti on guitar, threaded through a bass amp. Jebiotto are a unique collision of pop and raw, chaotic energy emerging from the dank basements of the Tokyo underground music scene. Their music is built around a core of bold, anthemic, new wave synthpop, twisted and deformed by influences including Dan Deacon, Blonde Redhead and Bikini Kill. The result is a set of tunes with the electricity and sharp edges of art-punk wrapped around the beating heart of fist-pumping stadium rock.


A1. Treeboy & Arc - Plastic Front
AA1. Treeboy & Arc - Get Down 

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