Control Of The Going

I Love You But It's Going To Rain

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Sister 9

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Championed by celebrities including Clint Boon and John Robb, Control Of The Going are a wall of sound Rock & Roll six-piece, dashed with psychedelia. Their gigs and debut single ‘She ’ released in February 2017, have received rave reviews and opened up an American audience via KEXP radio and worldwide on internet based radio stations. Their first album ‘I Love You But It’s Going To Rain’ was released on 23rd February 2018 via Sister 9 Recordings. KEXP radio were the first to air an album track, and picked ‘Love you more’ as a taster of an “insanely good” album and have since included the track on their podcast which regularly attracts 10,000 plus listeners.

Clint Boon is a public advocate of the band, sharing a video of himself playing ‘She’ on Twitter to his 81,000 followers. He has since chosen the band twice as his ‘One To Watch’, firstly in an article ‘Clint’s Hint’ in The Live Guide, and next to represent him at "Off the record" , an industry convention, followed by a series of secret gigs in Manchester’s Northern Quarter curated by by leading industry figures. Needless to say, after being selected by panelists from the music industry, COTG were one of the ones to watch and their performance stood out to one of the largest crowds attracted all night. The event sold out its 900 tickets and was a huge success for the all involved.


1. War Crime
2. Star
3. Sell Your Soul
4. Love You More
5. The Message Part 1
6. The Message Part 2
7. She
8. You're Mine
9. Clouds
10.Save My Memories
12.Fade Away

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