Baggy Leggins

Mondo Disco / Bug Wax

Image of Baggy Leggins - Mondo Disco / Bug Wax
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Baggy Leggins

About this item

Anyone who caught previous Baggy Leggins banger "Expensive Sheeeeet" and "Disco Lando" will be in mega-buzz for this hand stamped 7" of all new action. On the A-side. "Mondo Disco" is a fury filled foundation of bongos, beats and bass, with layers of rolling piano and hypnotic movement of brass, giving nothing else but good time vibes for the dance floor with plenty of outro for any discerning DJ. On the flipside "Bug Wax" brings a rewind for vintage 70’s retro kitsch ditchsco, as rhythmic bass guitar, enchanting flute and swirling strings entwine with subtle vocals and hints of electronic glitch over a pumping beat.

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