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Miles Away

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DJ Dom Ore makes the move into the reissue market here, launching his new Miles Away Records with a fresh pressing of Rokk's 1975 classic "Patience". Heavily influenced by Gil Scott-Heron's 'The Bottle’, this is a true cult dance floor anthem that has never been reissued as a stand alone single. 
Main men James Dockery and Arthur Monday had been jamming out since 1964, but Rokk only came into being with the mid seventies arrival of La Marco Nesbit & Denny Lash. Soon enough the fourpiece signed to Vee-jay International and recorded an album which lay in the vaults for over 30 years. That LP, "I Want To Live High" housed these two flute-led bombs, skirting the periphery of jazz, funk and soul with a giddy class.


1. Patience
2. From Within

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