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By the 5th instalment, they say, a label has carved its sound and its target demographics. So you know the deal with this one. Edits, edits and more edits. These are not hard-to-find rarities for to stroke your chin to.

These are for the people and by the people! With a heavily tried and tested formula, SB Edits recruits another four different re-editors to spin and convert some disco and boogie into disco house and make it dancefloor friendly. So you know now reader, if you are after some exciting dancefloor vibes, this is totally for you.

Looped-up disco house, lo-slung 80s boogie funk jams for the people by the people!


Sil says: With hedonism and pragmatism in mind, SB Editz reaches number five with more disco house for those punters who just want to enjoy - no chin stroking material here.


A1. Carlo - Jumba Jooki
A2. Cassettes For Kids - No More Faith
B1. Luvless - The First Aid Manual
B2. Bondi Bondi - Dinner 4-2

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