Bell Towers

I'm Moving To Berlin

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Record Label
Cocktail D'Amore

About this item

A regular at Cocktail d'Amore, Bell Towers is a Berlin-based Australian producer best known for his long-lasting collaboration with Munich's Public Possession. Next to that, a number of projects under different monikers - namely Rim Boys, an evolving b2b with Andras. "I'm Moving To Berlin" is his first EP for Cocktail d'Amore Music. It's a sparkling celebration of the party; its influence on the city and on the producer's life tangents. "It's too late now / There's no turning back / I gave it all for Cocktail d'Amor..." Rohan confesses, while a hybrid EBM-synth pop sonic adventure unfolds. What happens next is presented in "Sexual Intruder Alert" and "Approach and Identify". The first comes through as a quirky multidimensional future-disco tale, while the second plunges deep into the cosmic hole with punchy percussions and an euphoric groove pattern.


Patrick says: Aussie ex-pat Bell Towers pays homage to Berlin's best party here, with the frisky post disco meets EBM camp of "I'm Moving To Berlin". Comes complete with sirens, synth vamps and Pet Shop Boys references. "Sexual Intruder Alert" is deeper and darker, joining the dots between Basic Channel, leather bound EDM and the many limbed GHB melting pot. Finally "Approach & Identify" flips the themes into a retro-futurist post minimal romp for 21st dancers.


A1. I'm Moving To Berlin
B1. Sexual Intruder Alert
B2. Approach & Identify

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