Block Sistem

Don't Leave Me Now

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Best Records

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Not content with a red hot re-ish of Radiance's boogie bomb "You're My Number One", Best Records rock our spot with another reissue this week - and it's effin' massive. Originally released in 1983, and attributed to the production team Andy Rabbit and Bob Hurtchi (both totally fictitious) "Don't Leave Me Know" is an entirely unique bit of Italo disco, based around a tough minimal breakbeat, intermittent, but devastating bassline, and super Euro female vocal. Though sparse, the arrangement is constantly moving, shifting through unpredictable twists, turns and bleeping motifs. It's easy to see why this was such a hit with Detroit's futurists. Now quite rightly regardd as one of the best rare Italo gems, "Don't Leave Me Now" is in high demand from the collectors and smartphone kids, so props to Best Records for this official reissue. Dip in for the original, extended instrumental and a killer sleeve!


Patrick says: They don't make 'em like this no more. Strange, skeletal Italo, which twists and turns through about a dozen killer synth riffs, a huge Euro vocal and the biggest bassline around. Flash your lights!


A1. Don't Leave Me Now
B1. Don't Leave Me Now (instrumental)

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