Tarjei Nygård

Lost In Lindos

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ESP Institute

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Norwegian artist Tarjei Nygård first touched upon the ESP Institute spectrum in 2016 with a limited-edition red flexidisc of "Bleusa", which accompanied issue 21 of New York City’s acclaimed Love Injection fanzine. Since then, his poetic offerings have been a staple, for their ability to effectively dictate mood is second to none. Concentrating on the timeless aspects of melody and rhythm, Nygård's approach may sound obvious on paper, it's this deliberate approach to songwriting that brings his productions to life and gives them a unique sparkle.

"Bleusa" is dripping with fantasy and adventure with island pads, golden bent notes, even a cameo bird-call from the infamous acid house loon, yet Tarjei exhibits a mature level of restraint, a highly sophisticated grasp of emotion thats perfect for after hours luxury. "Forus Echo" furthers this notion but expands into full-blown ripples of ecstasy, coasting over soft-thumping percussion that mimics the human heart while smothering the listener with concentric waves of synth feedback. On Side B, Tarjei shifts to a strong rhythm dynamic, the demented "Lost In Lindos" is an aquatic breakbeat thats both deep and buoyant, a malleable tool that works at any BPM - not specifying particular references but skirting the ballpark of early turntablism. "Øylie" closes the EP with a familiar ESP prescription; we lie on our backs, finger-painting in the opium smoke above, feeling the warm embrace of collective consciousness while telepathically harmonizing plans for our utopian future.


A1. Bleusa
A2. Forus Echo
B1. Lost In Lindos
B2. Øylie

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