Image of Qaun - Thixotropy
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Indigenous Electronic

About this item

Indigenous Electronic is proud to present for its third release: “THIXOTROPY EP”, produced and recorded by “Quan”.

Starting out from more of a conventional musical platform; Quan in recent years turned his attention to live performance, and by 2018 had already played two Boiler Rooms in his native Vietnam. In addition to recording and performing live, Quan has begun a parallel journey in building his own eurorack modules some of which were used on this debut vinyl release of his. The EP which flies in the face of traditional loop structured song formats, present the hard to find confluence of musicality with technical knowledge.

With early support from XDB, and produced and recorded entirely out the box this is one not to be missed.


A1. TH
A2. IX
B1. OT
B2. RO
B3. PY

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