The Well Pack Band

The Workers Speak To Their Slave Masters With Strike

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Rare dub album from the reletively unknown The Well Pack Band. Released in 1980 it marks a transistion from roots into dub and as such is completely instrumental. I think this is the first album from The Well Pack Band, aka The Dub Band which was one Denis Bovel & John Kpiaye and perfectly highlights the UK getting on board the JA sound.

It's a bright and melodic collection, almost laying down the foundations of what would become lovers rock later on in the decade through it's delicately poised arrangements littered with flute, picked guitar lines and bright brass. Produced by Winston Edwards this is a brilliant UK dub album! 


A1 New Approach To Workers
A2 More Power To The Workers
A3 Bad Management
A4 Management Attitude To Workers
B1 Better Working Conditions For Workers
B2 Union And Management
B3 More Opportunity For Worker's Children
B4 Stop Victimisation

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