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Everything Is Different Now

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Kind Violence

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As we hurtle headlong into the panic inducing reality of a no-deal Brexit, the recent trend for post-everything, irony laced pop seems utterly redundant. If I stick my head out of the musical bubble for even a moment, it becomes abundantly clear that we're absolutely fucked, and I think that calls for a different kind of music. A band who are pissed off but not po faced - cynical but still sincere. A band like Ist Ist.

Born out of the brutalism of Ancoats, the four piece fuse early noughties post punk with power electronics into condensed shots of angst and energy. "Everything Is Different Now" is a place where riff and rhythm collide, be it in the bleak and cinematic "Exist", the creeping groove of "Son Is The Father" or driving indie-dancer "Jennifer's Lips". The references are there...Joy Division by way of Interpol, Bloc Party, White House or early Ultravox... but this is far from a fanboy pastiche - Ist Ist combine their influences, create their own sound, then pack it with energy and emotion. If you're after further proof of the talent on offer, check B-side pairing "I Want To Disappear" and "Undignified", ambient meets Kid A balladry and gutteral, gloomy post punk of the highest quality. Get you a band who can do both...


Patrick says: Manchester's post punk masters Ist Ist return with another blink and you'll miss it 12", musing on the constant uncertainty of post-modernity. Essential listening for fans of Interpol, Bloc Party, Joy Division and Radiohead.


A1. Entry
A2. Exist
A3. Son Is The Father
A4. Jennifer's Lips
B1. I Want To Disappear
B2. Undignified

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